Public talk provides an opportunity for direct communication with the city authorities and bilateral negotiations.

The discussion in a question-and-answer format is organized for the representatives of State bodies, financial and economic and international investment communities who are potentially interested in creating and developing business, as well as establishing business contacts in the capital of Russia.



Deputy Head of the Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow

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Chief Executive Officer,
Moscow City Investment Agency

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Guntram KAISER

Managing Partner,
KaiserCommunication GmbH

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23 April 2018
Messegelande, Hannover, Germany
Global Business & Markets, Hall № 27, Business Forum 2, Stand №D35

15:30 – 16:00

Welcome coffee

Participants registration

16:00 – 16:10

Welcome Address
Moderator: Guntram KAISER, Managing Partner of KaiserCommunication GmbH

Introduction of participants

Topics for discussion:

  • Creating of smart infrastructure and production facilities in Moscow;
  • Growth points to form a regional educational ecosystem: market tendencies and new competences;
  • Human capital assets for stakes of the economy of the future;
  • Digital transformation of business and industry: services for entrepreneurs.

16:10 – 17:10

Q&A session

Video messages

Questions from the audience

Participants of discussion:

  • Evgeny DRIDZE, Deputy Head of the Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow
  • Leonid KOSTROMA, Head of Moscow City Investment Agency

17:10 – 17:30

Closing remarks
Moderator: Guntram KAISER, Managing Partner of KaiserCommunication GmbH

17:30 – 19:00

Business reception

Live music


Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow

The Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow is the body of executive authority of the City of Moscow responsible for drafting and implementing municipal policy on attracting foreign investment, developing international and foreign economic ties, maintaining Moscow’s international credit rating and individual debt obligations, sovereign foreign loans, holding international conferences and exhibitions, promoting Moscow as an international financial centre, and supporting compatriots abroad.

+7 (495) 633-68-66

Moscow City Investment Agency

The Moscow City Investment Agency (Agency) was established with a view to raising investments and promoting and implementing projects that are deemed to have a high priority for the city. To this end, the Agency provides one-stop shop support for investment projects, develops economic and legal terms and conditions for the implementation of projects consistent with the interests of the city and investors, monitors and controls the implementation of investment projects, and introduces framework measures to improve the investment climate.

+7 (495) 690-00-00

Investment Opportunities Of Moscow
Figures And Facts

Moscow is Europe’s largest city, an agglomeration with the population of about 20 million, making it the biggest consumer market in Russia and Eastern Europe and a centre of investment activity.

In 2016, Moscow was ranked among Russia’s TOP 10 regions in investment climate quality and came in first place in the Public-Private Partnership Development Ranking. 

Moscow’s budget expenses in 2016 were over RUB 1.7 trn, or over USD 26 bn. This puts Moscow among the world’s largest metropolises. Moscow’s budget is treble than that of Los Angeles (US), double that of Paris (France) and is comparable to that of London (Great Britain).

51 industrial companies have used the support offered by the Moscow Government to develop the real sector. 36 companies have been granted the status of an industrial complex, 12 that of a technopark and 3 anchor resident. Such status allow industrial enterprises to reduce their tax burden by 17-25%.

Real Sector Support

  • 85,124 jobs at companies that have received this status
  • 73,535 million rubles is the total investment in companies that have received this status

Special Economic Zone Of Moscow

  • 12 free plots of land
  • 47% decrease in regional tax burden

Operation Technoparks

  • 33 technoparks in Moscow
  • 280+ vacant land plots are for lease


Conference Organizer

WhatsApp: +7 (903) 665-27-94